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  • CONSULTATION: Feel good about taking that first step.
    I’m yours for 30 minutes, free of charge. Pick my brain, ask me a pressing question or let’s discover if working together is a fit for both of us. 30 minutes FREE book here
  • PUTTERING SESSION: An affordable option for a quick chat.
    At a dollar/minute… I declutter, walk my dogs, clean my kitchen, whatever… while you and I talk about what you need support with right now. 50 minutes $50 book here
  • BIG PICTURE VISIONING: Map out a sustainable, long-term plan."
    Let’s look at where you are and focus on why you started doing this in the first place. Then we’ll identify some goals for what you want to be doing and make a plan to get you there. up to 3 hours $325 book here
  • A DAY OF VOXER WITH ME: Reach out, all day, for insights and support on projects or tasks
    Pick a day... make it count! As you're working on a project or list of tasks on which you could use fresh eyes or an extra brain, you can Voxer me (unlimited number of times!) during an entire day. That's it... my brain is yours for the day. up to 8 hours! $260 book here Voxer Explained Voxer is a voice-messaging app that’s free to use, and works a bit like a walkie-talkie that also automatically records the messages. You hold a button while talking into the phone, and the recipient can either listen to it in real-time as you are recording, or listen back at any time. Files (images, docs, etc.) can be shared, too. And then they can respond. It’s like a conversation, except you get the chance to replay messages if you didn’t quite hear or understand what was said, and you can’t talk over each other. You can also use it to send text-based messages, and I’ll often switch between voice and text in the same conversation, depending on what feels easiest to communicate and what I want to get across. If you don't already have Voxer here is the download link:
  • CONSULTATION: a good place to start
    30 minutes "Are we a fit?" book here
  • WORK SESSIONS: accountability, support and community"
    ongoing more information
  • NEWSLETTER: little acorn Occasional Newsletter
    Sign up here.
  • YOUR CREATIVE PRACTICE: Supporting you and your creative practice
    Being inspired to create, motivated to create often, and dedicated to an ongoing practice... these are key to making space for creativity in our lives. Carving out that practice, complete with sustainable habits, is what this programme is about. $499 (4 X 90 min.) more information purchase here Followed by - subsequent sessions (each 60 min.) $99 - monthly (up to 2 subsequent sessions) $188* - 6 months (up to 13 subsequent sessions) $1190* * monthly and 6-month bundles include ongoing email/text access
  • MANAGEMENT: commissionable earnings' contract
    Traditional, strategic management with a long-term contract 15% starting point, negotiable more information
  • EVENT PLANNING: from the dream to the clean-up!
    Helping your event come to life. $26 hourly + 10% procurement on purchase amount more information
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