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Work sessions

I am often struggling to catch up to myself.


The big things that people are relying on me to provide? Those things get done on time and unfailingly. But the countless little things that only I see, those pesky little jobs that actually keep me and my career on track, day in and day out? Those tasks pile up and I am often having to wade through and rush through, just to meet regular deadlines.


Or when I am trying to carve out time to just be creative for a bit, that time is often elusive. 

​If any of this sounds familiar and if you can relate to this, then this might help.

Why it works:

​Working alongside career musicians and other independent industry professionals and business owners, I have discovered that there are a few things that work, whether trying to focus more on creativity & less on work, or the other way around:

  1. having the support and accountability of others working with me and cheering me on 

  2. ​setting time aside… time that is dedicated to those tasks

  3. ​paying for the opportunity to achieve the first two goes a long way to helping make it all come together. How wonderful would it be if that made no difference. But paying for something not only seems to increase its value, but it seems to demand a greater commitment from me. So maybe it does increase its value after all.
    For now, these work sessions are offered for free.

How it works:

We check in at the beginning, once again halfway through, and then at the end. During check-ins, I coach you to prioritize and we all share tips and ideas on making our loads a little lighter. And between check-ins you decide: you can stay online and mute your video and/or mic, or you can sign off and return -- completely up to you. That's it. And you get things done.

  • 2.5 hours

  • FREE... until further notice

  • to join in: contact me or watch social media for pop-up information

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