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Creative Practice

You realised long ago that shooting for other people's goals is pointless and feels aimless.  Creating your own path has become essential to you and you walk to that beat - heart or drum - no matter... it's yours.

There is no longer a choice: being creative is as crucial to your wellbeing as breathing is.

If you're a working creative, recent times have taken the air out of your creativity largely because of its link to your financial success... which seems pretty low right now.


Living and breathing and moving through life and being creative all feels nearly impossible.

Exhaustion from staying vigilant and staying healthy, in mind, body, heart and spirit, has left little bandwidth for what some have deemed inessential. Your intuition knows better.

It is possible to live and breathe the flow of your creative life, within the sometimes very loud demands around you.

The key is creating a sustainable life structure and rhythm within which creativity can flow. That structure has so many parts: time, environment, and physical space and it lives within our relationships and our own sense of personal boundaries.

Just as our physical health requires commitment to routines of movement, hygiene and care, our creative practice requires commitment to that structure, and to dedicated time, space and energy.

No two practices in creativity look alike. The tailoring of your practice to fit your life is no more than reminding your psyche that drawing, weaving, painting, colouring, or plunking out notes on an instrument is a seminal part of who you are. It is no more than a reminder that this is what you were created for, and that it's time to gently and firmly shape your life around your all-too-important creative practice.

And yet, like any other practice, it takes time to build, from the relationship you have with the physical (your own body as well as your environment) through the way you relate to the world, and to the connection you have with yourself.

Step by careful step, finding the balance of all of your life's pieces is what Your Creative Practice is all about.


  • we'll take the time to pause and observe what life and creativity look like right now in your world

  • we'll get quiet... listening to what your creative soul is calling for - no bounds, no rules

  • then we'll begin, step by step, working through the physical, emotional, environmental and calendrical layers to find space and time to begin building your practice

​In an ongoing effort to sustain this new dedication to your creativity, we'll meet every couple of weeks, and we'll find what your creative practice looks like, what you want it to bring to your life, and the ways in which we can settle it nicely into the space you create.

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